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Not Very Long, But A Start [Feb. 24th, 2005|01:44 pm]
Grass So Green, Sky So Blue, Spectre is Great!

A dark haired woman walked down the street, feet covered with dirt. Her shoes were slung over her sholder with the laces tied together. It was easier to carry them this way when one didn't want to wear them. She glanced around her at the trees swaying in the wind. It really was a nice day.

She had just come back from a walk in the woods. It had been muddy, so she had decided to take her shoes off and enjoy the feeling of squishy earth between her toes. She wasn't worried about glass because the woods around her home were rarely visited by anyone besides her and the animals that inhabited it. She wasn't sure why she went on these walks. It certainly wasn't for the exersize. The walk was hardly exerting. She just enjoyed being alone, away from people and things. She liked things, but sometimes, they just got in the way.

A truck whooshed by her and she stopped, startled. Vehicles that came down this road were few and slow. She started back again after looking over her shoulder. She didn't recognize the truck, but it was heading away from town, so she could probably find out who it was soon enough. Word travelled fast in the kind of town she lived in. She thought it petty when she was younger; people talking about others as if being from somehwre else made them less of people. She now realized that it was a way of making community. It was a way of making one important, if only until the end of their sentence.
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Session 1: Story 1: Part 1... Rough Schooling [Oct. 23rd, 2004|06:52 pm]
Grass So Green, Sky So Blue, Spectre is Great!

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"... The Ishtari warriors charged forth to battle the raging goblin army. The fight seemed hopeless as the day wore on. There were simply too many of the foul demons for the Ishtari warriors to handle. But the bravest of them all, Lord Jacobim, would not accept defeat. He rode out on his white steed, Snowmane, to rally his troops. 'This is it men! This is where we prove our strength. For our land, for our freedom, for ..."

"Hurry up and get dressed or you'll be late for school.. again!" Jason's mother barked from the kitchen downstairs. She always interrupted him right as the story was getting good.

"Do I have to go to school today? It's so boring, we never do anything fun." Jason replied in his small voice. He hated school. The books there didn't interest him, and he knew the bigger kids were going to beat him up again today. Why couldn't he be strong like Lord Jacobim?

"Yes, you have to go to school today, now come down and get ready. You've been late every day this week, and Professor Warren told me last night that you never even showed up for class yesterday. ... You didn't think I found out? If it happens again, I'm going to have to walk you to school and sit in class with you you know." His mother didn't sound too upset about him missing school, but he knew she wasn't lying about sitting in class with him so he rushed downstairs for breakfast.

Jason didn't have time for a proper meal so he ran out with just a strawberry toaster-pop. On his way out the door he reached for the lunchbag his mother always prepared for him, but it wasn't there.

"Mother!!! You forgot to make my lunch... I'm going to be late you know!"

"Sweetie, we're out of bread. You'll just have to buy lunch today, there is some money on the counter for you."

"Ugghh, I'm going to die if I have to eat school food."

"Well, then at least you won't have to worry about being late for school any more. Now hurry up." **MMWAHH** she smacked a kiss on top of his head just before he had the chance to escape out the door. And he was on his way to school.

The school was only a five minute walk away, but Jason was already running late. He darted through his favorite shortcut through the forest. He could hear them chasing after him. An army of them. Hundreds, no thousands of goblins were fast on his tail. He had to fly through the forest to keep ahead of them. *Kling*Klang* he could hear them banging their swords and armor behind him. Then he stopped to catch his breath. Turning slowly, expecting to be impaled by a goblin sword, he found nothing but the wind and a few scattered leaves.

He turned back around and walked towards the school... Then up ahead of him he saw three of them. Those were goblins for sure... If only it were true. No, the three hulking shapes ahead of him were the Sanderson Brothers. He was about to duck behind a tree, but they'd already spotted him, there was nothing he could do now but accept his punishment. He was going to be late for school again.

Ralph Sanderson was the biggest. He scooped up Jason and pinned him in a full-nelson.
"Heh heh, look what we have here. A runt."
Ralph sniffed up a ball of snot as it nearly dropped from his nose into Jason's hair. Jason was greatful for that. Then he recieved a punch both from George and Stanly, they were twins.

"So, what did your mom make for us for lunch today, twerp?" scowled George.
"Aww, man, he doesn't have anything on him but a lousy buck-fifty." coughed up Stanly who'd already gone through all of Jason's pockets and bags.

"You don't really expect us to eat that do you, runt? Or maybe you're trying to kill us by forcing us to eat the school food? You know what we do to runts who try to kill us right? We eat them. HaHaHaHa!!" Ralph's laugh sounded like a giggling school-girl's. He threw Jason to the ground and jumped into the air.

Crap!! Were they serious this time? Jason hated when they transformed on him like this. As Ralph soared into the air, his flesh tore away, an big red wings sprouted from his back. He had what Jason believed to be the head of a dragon, and claws to match, but he looked more like a dog trying hard to balance on two legs when he changed. George and Stanly popped off their heads and grew the heads of vultures. Their bodies were an ugly purplish color, and more or less bear shaped.

Before Jason could crawl to his feet the three monsters dove their beaks into his stomach and tore out his liver. The pain was too much for Jason and he blacked-out. Either that, or he lost too much blood. After the beasts had their fill of liver and intestines they hobbled off with their beaks all bloodied leaving Jason in a messy pile behind them.

"You'd better have something more satisfying tomorrow Runt, or we'll just have to eat you again" Ralph shouted out as they headed for the school. By the time they made it to class they would have fully transformed again, this time into the sweetly adorable Sanderson sisters. Nothing but giggles and harmless smiles that everyone adored. It always made Jason sick to think about them. Even the girls were beating on him now.

After about three hours Jason awoke again, his body was already healing from the feast earlier. Most of his liver had regrown, and his intestines were nearly in tact, by the time school let out he would be good as new. He didn't feel like going to school today. He couldn't stand to think he would have class with those wretched sisters. And it was worse that noone would ever believe him if he told them they were demons. He trudged back home to cry into his favorite book: "Lord Jacobim and the Goblin Raid" His mother wasn't going to be happy when she got home from work to find that he didn't make it to school again today...

~Okay, that's part one, I believe it's megacurly's turn to take this story further.
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Let's Begin [Oct. 23rd, 2004|01:02 pm]
Grass So Green, Sky So Blue, Spectre is Great!

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Okay everybody. Welcome back to Spectre. I've decided I've waited long enough, now it's time to start with session 1. The four writers for this session who I picked at 'random' I swear, will be:

1.) _keyser__soze_
2.) megacurly
3.) battalioness
4.) a_born_hero

we have enough people I believe so I guess we'll also start Session 2
the writers for session 2 will be:

3.)whotookriz <- We have a new Member!

okay, so again, here's how it works, each writer writes the beginning of a story as a separate post. Then, the next writer in line writes the second part of the story before theirs as a comment to the first part of that story.. and so on and so forth until every writer has written one piece of each story in his or her session. In the end... with two sessions, we should end with 8 short stories.

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Welcome To Spectre!! [Oct. 14th, 2004|04:57 pm]
Grass So Green, Sky So Blue, Spectre is Great!

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Hi Everybody!

This is the official home of Spectre! All things Spectre will happen here. I am the ... creator. You must go through me to join this community... Because I have that power.

The current rules of Spectre are as follows:

There will be 4 story-tellers at any given moment.
I will choose the story-tellers. I'm so cool like that.

When a session begins... each story-teller shall start a new post such as
Story 1: "Name of Story Here" (Part 1)
Story 2: "Name of Story Here" (Part 1)
etc.. etc..
Story 4: "etc. etc." (Part 1)

The author of Story 1 posts the introduction to Story 1.
writes the second portion of Story 2
the third part of Story 3
and the dramatic conclusion of Story 4.

author of Story 2 posts intro to Story 2.
the second part of Story 3
the third part of Story 4
and the conclusion of Story 1.

etc. etc.

the author of Story 4 posts the intro of Story 4
the second part of Story 1
the third part of Story 2
and the conclusion of Story 3.

So at the end of a session we get 4 stories
that are broken into 4 parts, each written by
4 different authors.

does this make sense so far? Good!
each 'part' of a story is posted as a comment on
the previous 'part' of that story.

if this picks up, we'll eventually get many sessions of Spectre running simultaneously
(each session has 4 story-tellers working on 4 stories) and it will be great fun.

Now, once a story is passed to you, and it is your turn to write the next 'part' of the story
you can do whatever you want to the story. Feel free to butcher the story, kill the characters, create new characters, change the point of view, whatever you want, while you are writing it it is your story. This is a game, it is supposed to be fun, have fun with it. It is also a tool for me to improve my writing skills so I have every intention of playing around with the stories I'm involved in.

There is no set length for any 'part' of a story, you can write one word and pass it to the next writer, or you can write 50 pages (pages? what pages?), it is only required that the person writing the conclusion to a story ends it with 'The End' so that we know it's over even if some elements of the story are left unresolved.

please do not post your 'part' of a story until all of the previous 'parts' have been posted. Also, post your 'part' of the story whenever it suits you best, you have as much time as you want (days, weeks, months)... but please try to post as quickly as possible once it is your turn. Try to be courteous in that regard.

I hope this makes sense... I hope we have a good turn out. Let's see what happens.
I'll start session 1 as soon as I have enough people who want to be storytellers. (4 to be exact)
would you like to play Spectre with me?

~Keyser Soze
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